Forró is the most popular couple dance in brasil. The  music contains elements from polka and klezmer and is typically played with accordion, zabumba (bass drum) and triangle.

Rhythm, Swing, Joy, Vitality, Feeling, Passion, Sensuality, Chill-out, Vacation,

The basic step is similar to cuban salsa. But there are no exaggerated hip swings or dance movements just for show. Instead the dance is snugly and a lot closer. Therefore it is important to us that both dance partners respect each other.


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In Moscow, Lisbon, and London Forró already found its place. In german cities it is a rare sight. But Freiburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and especially Stuttgart have already been taken by storm by this versatile dance, since it is …

… fiery

… passionate

We, too, are thrilled about Forró and want to share our excitement with Ulm .
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Here you have an overview of our most important events.

Kulturnacht We are proud to be part of this years Ulmer Kulturnacht. The 18th Ulmer/Neu-Ulmer Kulturnacht will take place at September, 15th 2018. If you are interessted, please visit the Chinese Kuoshu Institute.
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We have


The base step of Forró is easy to learn, no experience is needed. We meet Every

thuesday at 7 p.m. at the Mo Bar.

to practice and dance. We are looking forward to your visit, no appointment or dance partner needed.


Workshops are the ideal way to refresh and deepen knowledge.

They take place in the Chinese Kuoshu Institute in Neu-Ulm .

We organize workshops when we feel like it, so its best to check here from time to time.


Of course while dance you get to know each other and friendships form.

swimming, climbing, ice cream shop, karaoke, …

We also meet outside the dance course to have fun "in Ulm, um Ulm, und um Ulm herum".

  • Course Address

Course Address

The Mo Bar is located in the Oststadt and can be reached via the line 4 , stop Ostplatz.

Mo Bar
Gutenbergstraße 6
89073 Ulm

Don't be shy, just come right in. Open your ears and you should be able to spot us .

Parking is trickier but with a little luck one can catch a parking spot in the surrounding streets.

  • Workshop Adress

Workshop Adress

To get to the Chinese Kuoshu Institute take the line 5 to Ludwigsfeld , stop Neu-Ulm Fachoberschule and a short walk. Keep an eye out for a big red gate.

Chinese Kuoshu Institute
Dieselstraße 6
89231 Neu-Ulm

It is easier to use a car , though. There is plenty of parking space at the school and on the surrounding streets.

  • Gratis


Yes, that's right, the course is free of charge .

However, we do appreciate donations. We need money in order to promote Forró in Ulm. Plus, our course instructor has to by train tickets so she can teach us and it would be a shame if she had to pay for that out of her own pocket.

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Our presence in Ulm isn't going unnoticed. There is already interested attention coming our way.

Radio Free FM

If you want to know more we recommend this (german) broadcast of Radio Free FM.

Südwest Presse

Forró excites everyone. The employee of a news agency is no exception. This is how this article in the (german) Südwest Presse came to be. Thank you .

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Do you have questions?
No problem, we are here to help .
Visit us on  Facebook or send us an e-mail.

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